Abel’s Path to Success!

Several years ago we met Abel and his mother when he was a small boy in the villages. He impressed us so much by his command of English at that age. He told us he learned it from his big sister! Abel was always chatty and always had a lovely big smile on his face when we met him year after year on our visits.

We just heard that Abel has been selected for and is attending the University of Dodoma! Dodoma is the capital city of Tanzania. He has sent a photo of himself in a lecture hall so I thought it would be wonderful to see him also in his primary school classroom!

It is very rewarding to see him, and all the ABCD students, grow and continue to pursue their dreams for a happy future for themselves and their families.

This is all due to the continued financial support of our amazing donors. Thank you so much.

3 thoughts on “Abel’s Path to Success!

  1. Always great to hear the success stories. Thanks for sharing and Great Job to Abel and all of you at ABCD.

  2. It is so good to hear about children that are so willing to learn and become successful students in university or in what ever their dreams are.

    Congratulation Abel!

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