The Twelfth New Student-Winifrida

Introducing Winifrida. She is replacing a girl who was part of the 12 new students that we added to the school cost support program this year. The other girl is staying away from school due to fear of COVID.

Winifrida is starting secondary school at Makomu Secondary School. Her family is suffering because her father has been severely injured falling out of an avocado tree. There are other siblings and so school costs are not being met. Her mama works a small family farm to earn some income.

We welcome Winifrida to the program and wish her all the best at school. She likes the science subjects and dreams of being a doctor. Her best friend’s name is Ellen and they both like to play football.

Winifrida will soon be added to the Children of Kilimanjaro page of the website and if anyone would like to support her schooling at a cost of only $13 a month please contact us.