Making It To The Top!

Yudatade, Yuda for short, has completed his course as a mountain guide on Mount Kilimanjaro!

Here are photos of him when he was a little boy, then hospitalized with broken knee as a young man, and two more of him recently celebrating on top of the mountain, (4 YEARS AFTER THE DEVASTATING KNEE INJURY!)

This young man came to ABCDreams in 2009. We counselled and supported him through difficult times as he just barely made it through each year of secondary school. With the help of ABCD supporters, he went on to college to qualify as a safari tour guide and passed his course to be able to drive safari vehicles. This was despite a serious leg injury he suffered in an accident while in college!

Now Yudatade has a further qualification as a mountain guide! This will make him much more employable as tourism slowly returns in the game parks of Tanzania post-Covid.

We are so proud of him! His story of success is a metaphor for all of the youngsters in the ABCD program as they strive to reach their highest potential.

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