Exciting to be Adding New Children!

12 new students have been selected by our partner organization in Tanzania, ABCD Tanzania for educational assistance! The criteria for selection were based on family poverty, and some academic success in previous primary school schooling.

6 boys and 6 girls have been selected from two secondary schools; Mlang’a Secondary School and Makomu Secondary School. All of these students are beginning their high school journeys in Form 1, which is like our grade 9. Many of them are orphans and are being raised by grandmothers or neighbours, who also have their own families to care for.

It is our hope that by taking on the educational expenses for these children, ABCD is providing some relief for their caregivers. We welcome them to the ABCD program and wish them all the best in their dreams for their futures. At this time we have photos for 11 of the children.

If there is any way for you to support the education of one of these children, please get in touch with us…the cost is around $150 PER YEAR for each of the 4 years before post secondary!