Hike to Kilasiya Falls

Couple of days ago our intrepid team of 4 hiked down the dusty hill on the potholed, rutted and stony local “track”, across the main paved road and into the forest again. We hiked through banana/coffee plots, past small dwellings, along the narrow paths, following some signs till we reached the top of the gorge where the climb down to see Kilasiya Falls begins. An old babu (grandfather) Ewald accompanied us along the way.

It’s a very steep and stepped track which switchbacks down but the local group who tend the place have installed wood and bamboo railings and handholds. As we descended we could hear the falls and the air got a bit cooler. The falls were very strongly flowing and very picturesque. We had the place to ourselves and rested there for a while enjoying the cliffs covered with foliage and dripping with long curtains of water.

We hiked back up the gorge and back to the main road where we stopped for lunch at an upscale, Kili climbers resort hotel for some lunch and refreshments. Jackie and Susan enjoyed the local Chagga tribal museum. And then a long, hot incline hike back to the Sekao Kili Lodge.

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