Dream Peddlers Bike-a-Thon…A Wonderful Event!

Recently several ABCD supporters (Frank and Christine, Lynn and Ted, Alex and Mira, Emil, Adam and Janis) transformed into THE DREAM PEDDLERS superheroes cycling team! We met in High Park, Toronto on a lovely sunny Sunday morning for the annual CAP Network fundraising bike-a-thon. Thanks go out to Claire and Emma from CAP Network for inviting ABCDreams to be a part of this event.Thanks also to Ted for manning our display and caring for Zoe!

It was fantastic to meet the other charities involved in the ride and to share common experiences with them in our shared passion to help in Africa.

It was a beautiful day in Toronto as we cycled along the Lake Ontario waterfront enjoying the breezy views of the lake as we completed the 11 km ride, followed by a group lunch in High Park and a chance to network and chat with fellow charities.

We had all worked hard to find sponsors for our rides and all of us thank our sponsors so much for the generosity and support they gave us in this very successful fundraising event.

Even though the ride is over, donations can still be made for ABCD through the riders on the Dream Peddlers team until the end of June!

Just go to www.canadaafricapartnershipride.ca/abcd and click on SPONSOR A RIDER to give a donation to ABCD.

We are actually very close to achieving our goal of $5000!

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