Yudatade and Richard – More Success Stories!

I’m so happy to write about two of our students, Richard and Yudatade, who came on board with ABCDreams as little boys. They have now completed their education and are qualified professional safari tour guides!

I remember both of them struggling through the school system year after year, often disconsolate and sad when we met with them during the years. Both come from very poor families. Yudatade suffered a bad accident to his leg during his college years after being struck by a passing motorcycle but recovered and carried on. These families must be very proud of them now!

They learned so much at college in so many areas of study such as wildlife ecology, leadership skills, camp management, and identification of hundreds of species of flora and fauna. Thanks to ABCDreams supporters they have taken language lessons for interacting with more tourists, are equipped with guide’s binoculars, cameras and books, are now upgrading their driving licences to become more marketable in their job search.

With the big game parks so close by, this job market is one of the biggest in Tanzania. The safari season starts in the spring so we are hoping that they are successful in their job hunting! This is another success story which inspires us in our work in Tanzania!