Thanking ABCD Donors!

A big THANK YOU goes out to our donors who are supporting the development of the new women’s cooperative in Marangu West. This group of enterprising women is making personal care kits for the girls and women in their own communities. Some of you donated funds for the purchase and repair of sewing machines and others contributed donations such as fabric, underwear, and sealable plastic bags.

This is a wonderful project that keeps girls healthier and reduces the number of school days that girls lose. In the 3 months since the last ABCD volunteer trip to Tanzania in February, the 5 mamas who form the cooperative under Mama Eva’s leadership have been busy at work making the kits. They now call themselves CARE ABCD TANZANIA and are following the Days for Girls guidelines for making the kits.

Donations of cotton and flannelette fabric, girl’s underwear, small soaps and facecloths are still welcomed. To continue supporting this group of women please get in touch with us at

Here at home, our volunteers are continuing to make the hygiene kits for Tanzania and welcome anyone interested in doing some sewing to join them!