Our Amazing Volunteers at Work

Jan and Cori are invaluable team members for our work here in the villages. They are contributing tremendously to the success of the annual ABCD visit.

They worked together to unpack, sort and organize the mountain of donated and purchased materials. This resulted in about 60 bags full of big bars of soap, vaseline for skin care, exercise books, counter books, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, some clothing and many miscellaneous items. These bags will be given to the students at the art day celebration.

In addition, they worked with local volunteers, Josephat and Andy to paint a classroom at Makomu Primary School. This involved coats of white paint on the walls and trim work of blue and black. The working conditions were hot and dusty but the room looks 100% cleaner and brighter. So many curious children were peeking into the classroom to see the ‘wazungus’.

If that isn’t enough, Jan and Cori brought with them from Canada, teaching materials for a primary school classroom lesson. About 50 children were treated to a fun lesson about Canada, the flag, maple sugar, our seasons and maple trees. During the lesson the children were treated to a sample of maple syrup and maple sugar candy! They loved it! And they also coloured flags And solved maze puzzles. Way to go Jan and Cori! We couldn’t do it without you.

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