Oscar’s Little Sister Levina

Levina came to ABCD in 2012 recommended by her Headmaster because of the poverty in her family and also because of the potential she was showing in academics.

She is Oscar’s younger sister and since the last post I made was all about Oscar and HIS success I think that now it’s time to turn the spotlight on Levina.

She is now in Form 6, which is the last grade of upper secondary school before university. These last two grades are called ‘A’ levels in the British education system, which Tanzania uses. Levina attends Zogowale Secondary School in the town of Kibaha, Pwani Region.

She is studying chemistry, biology and geography and her dream is now to be a doctor. We are told that she loves her school and is very much inspired by her big brother Oscar to aim high for university. We are sure that she will get there!

levina 2012

levina 2016

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