Our Amazing Volunteers!

We couldn’t accomplish nearly as much without our wonderful volunteers. Christine Owen and Edwina Sutherland, along with some local volunteers have been painting every day in the ‘well-used’ classrooms of Makomu Primary School. They are predicting that by the end of this week they will be able to finish the inside walls, ceilings, window and door frames of 3 entire classrooms. That is if all the little faces peering into the rooms allow them to! Thanks to those little faces for cleaning up the dusty room before work started.

Two of our Form 4 leavers (ABCD students waiting for national exam results) are coming out to help: Nahari and Jeska. These two kids are invaluable helpers and really enjoy working alongside Christine and Edwina. Also pitching in is local mama Fides and retired teacher Eddie. What a team they all make!

In addition to this painting work, Christine and Edwina, along with Director Terry, managed to fill 60 student donation bags with school supplies (counter books, pens, math sets etc.), soap, and other essentials. These bags will be given to the students on Art Day.


3 thoughts on “Our Amazing Volunteers!

  1. Impressive work guys, both by the Canadian and local volunteers. By the pics it looks like you were also having some fun doing it too!

    • Thank you for the kind words Kevin! The whole team worked really hard on this and the local support along with the support from around the world, makes all the difference.

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