Art Day 2015!

This year we had almost 100 guests at Art Day so there was lots of excitement, warm handshakes and hugs. Special guests were welcomed: Ward Executive Officer Rose Lyimo, Headmaster Thomas Kaniki from Makomu SS, ABCD Director John de Ronde and wife Stella.

Volunteers Brenda and Susan organized plenty of fun with games on the lawn for the children.

The art room was busy with everybody making drawings and paintings for their supporters in Canada.

A delicious lunch was served along with soda pop.

Presentations were made to both Delivina and Teresia of a sewing machine each now that they have completed their two years of tailoring training.

Awards were presented to many students who had performed well last year in school.

The mamas performed their traditional dances and songs with Frank and Lynn joining in.

Finally bags full of school supplies and personal care supplies were handed out to all of the children.


It was a great afternoon!

One thought on “Art Day 2015!

  1. Sounds like a fun time and a great way to wind down your annual visit. Hey Frank, where are the photos of you and Lynn dancing and singing with the mamas?

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