A Milestone for ABCD Students!

Often we wonder if the work we are doing in the villages and communities of Marangu West on behalf of the children is effective and making a difference. Well now we know that it is.

For the first time since we started this work in Tanzania, we have four of our ABCD children, now young men and women, who have achieved such success in their Form 4 secondary school studies that they have been accepted by the Department of Education to continue their secondary studies at the Advanced level, Form 5! The vast majority of students in Tanzania leave school after Form 4, to applied college or to work. Form 5, or A levels, lead on to Form 6 and then university. We couldn’t be happier or more proud of the success of these students whom we have been supporting since they were in primary school.

The government can send these students anywhere in Tanzania to Form 5 secondary schools but we will continue to support them wherever they are as they move forward in their academic pursuits.

Joven Pauly Kessy: Invited to join Northern Highlands Secondary School in Moshi.

Miriam Daniel Kessy: Invited to join Edmond Rice Sinon Secondary School in Arusha.

Melkizedek Joseph Mtui: Invited to join Holy Ghost Missionaries in Usa River.

Oscar Focas Temu: Waiting to see where the government will send him for Form 5.

In addition we are very happy for Mary Christian Massawe who has been offered a place at Kilema College of Health Sciences in the School of Medical Lab Sciences. This moves her closer to her dream of entering the medical profession.

On behalf of the ABCD team we want to thank our supporters for their commitment and compassion, as we all share in the joy and hope for the future of these young people.