Visiting Kilaremo Primary School Early One Morning

Frank and Lynn were up early to go to Kilaremo Primary School in time to see the children receiving their breakfast. The plan is to visit all of the schools where breakfast programs are being funded by ABCD.

First Frank and Lynn watched the children doing their morning exercises led by Mr. Moshi, an energetic teacher who is in his last year after 38 years of teaching! Then the children were lined up with their bowls and cups to receive a hot breakfast of maize porridge mixed with some sugar and nuts. Frank and Lynn were delighted to help in the serving of the porridge, which caused a lot of laughter.

In the meeting that followed with the Head Teacher Mrs. Kitaly, Frank and Lynn learned more about the value of the breakfast program to the health and academic performance of the students, and they also enjoyed seeing the library, which our volunteer team painted last year. More books have been purchased by ABCD and the library is used on a regularly scheduled basis. Grade 7 students are allowed to borrow books.