Heading Back to Tanzania!

The ABCD Board has been very busy lately preparing for our next trip to Tanzania in February. This year we are an eager team of 8 (Frank, Lynn, Mike, Matt from Australia!, Margo, Megan, Paul and Christine).

We are all flying over to work on improving the educational environment of Makomu Primary School. ABCD has already funded the replacement of the roof and the repair of the walls, floors, doors and windows, and the installation of a library at this school. The focus of this trip is on painting of freshly repaired walls as well as teaching some lessons on English language, geography and fun art and crafts.

Frank, Lynn, Megan and Christine are all looking forward to seeing the children and friends again in Marangu West while Margo, Paul, Mike and Matt are super excited to be heading for Africa for the first time! Be sure to follow our posts and tweets.