Testimonials from the 2013 Volunteer Trip

We thought we’d share these statements from some of our amazing volunteers who accompanied us to Tanzania in February 2013 and did such wonderful work for the children and community.

Absolutely amazing, a very well organized trip. I feel strongly that we did make a difference in the students’ lives, e.g. whether working at their school, donating supplies. Even if it was only getting the children to laugh, smile, learn new things, tap into their curiosity….it’s a great start. —–Holly

 I had a wonderful opportunity of a lifetime.  The experience was like watching a movie in slow motion, that penetrates every cell of ones brain, and takes a permanent home there. There is another world out there.—–Glenis 

Ken and I had the opportunity through this trip to meet the children we had supported, meet their families, see their homes and get a feel of what life is like for them, what they are dealing with.  This was amazing, what an experience.  ——Ken and Kathi

The trip as a whole had a significant impact on me; it was without a doubt the happiest I’ve ever felt at any point in life. It was life-affirming—it confirmed what I had always thought about the wonders of humanitarian work but never had the chance to experience.—–Sarah

 The trip overall far exceeded anything I could have ever expected! From our accommodations and meals, to transport, and general well being.  ABCD had everything well organized and ready even before we left Toronto. Would I go again? Without hesitation! —–David