Why We Are Here: Respice and Honest

respice-smRespice was very seriously ill last year. We were told that he had to be hospitalized and it began to look very dire. We learned about this in April 2012, and we were able to send funds immediately to the family for his medical needs and for transport to the hospital and food.

We are happy to report that the other day when we visited we found him looking much more healthy and robust. He was smiling and we could see much more bulk to his body compared to his previous very thin state. The family told us how much the support had meant to Respice’s survival and recovery.

Now Respice is back at school, Ngaruma VTC, and working hard to catch up after months of absence. He is still learning the masonry trade.

honestHonest is now finished his training at Ngaruma VTC after completing three years in the masonry program. When we visited his family the other day we were surprised at how much he’d grown. I called him in swahili “fundi kubwa” meaning big builder and this brought a big smile. He even has a job working for a local builder, 10 hours a day for 5000 shillings (about 40 cents an hour).

He is happy to be helping his family. A small gift package was given to him by one of his Canadian supporters and he really enjoyed putting on the Canadian t shirt and seeing the photos of the supporters. We asked him what he needed and he said tools so our plan is to buy him a kit of masonry tools, which should get him more local building work.

Great good news stories and more confirmation of the impact of our ABCD supporters on the lives of our ABCD children.

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  1. It is certainly heart warming to see the smiles of these children. Great work going on here Frank! Can’t wait to join the group next year.

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