Volunteers Arrive, Orientation and Working

It was exciting to meet the volunteers as they arrived at Kilimanjaro International Airport and we could see how excited they were to have finally arrived!

After a busy day in Moshi, shopping for school supplies and other items to be given later to the children, we all headed up to the Sekao Lodge to settle in. The next day was an orientation day when we walked to some of the sites where the volunteers will be working.

We walked about a half hour up the hill to the Makomu area where we first dropped in on the Makomu Dispensary to allow our two nurses, Janis and Angela to meet the staff and talk about possibilities for helping.

Then we visited Makomu Primary School. This is where ABCD has funded a new roof and the library. The children were very welcoming! It was a good opportunity to install the ABCD signs recognizing our donors.

Some of our volunteers are working at Ngaruma VTC where they are helping teachers within the Sewing Program, and in the new Computer Classroom funded by ABCD and Rotary. The solar light program was also started in these first days at Ngaruma VTC.

After work each day the volunteers also walk up the hill again to organize the daily After School Program for children who drop to make art, crafts, play games and a variety of other activities. It was great to include some of the many children who stay around after school and are not in the ABCD program. A lot of children have a great time during this after school hour.

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  1. It is amazing how these photos and the description of a day’s work makes one feel like being there with all of you.
    What a fantastic work u do!

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