The Beginning of the 2013 Trip to Tanzania

Lynn and I departed on January 30 from Canada and after two long flights arrived at Kilimanjaro International Airport at 8:50 in the evening. Approaching the airport nothing can be seen on the ground except a few lights and darkness. The terminal building this year was full of large grasshoppers buzzing around and landing on the travellers!

We were picked up with our luggage and driven into Moshi were we found that the rooms we had reserved at a guest house were not available! Kindly the guest house manager arranged a taxi to take us to the Leopard Hotel where we got our rooms and hit the beds by 1 AM. Next day we met with Sebastian and began planning for the upcoming arrival of the Canadian and Australian volunteers. It was a busy day of visiting suppliers of school supplies, the YMCA where the youth business conference will be held, Vodacom to pick up sim cards for phones, and so on.

We finally arrived in Marangu West at the Sekao Kili Lodge at about 5 pm. Great to be back and warmly welcomed at the Sekao, to meet the staff and owners again, settle in and begin to unpack. We are looking forward in a couple of day to picking up the volunteers. Today is Saturday, the children are off school and so we plan to visit some of our ABCD families and children.