Reflections One Morning

Isaac and Teresia's family

Isaac and Teresia’s family

I visited a very remote school this morning called Kitowo/Napaku Primary School to sign an agreement to pay school fees for four children: Amedeusi, Oskar, Isaac and Teresia.

This is a very, very poor school. It is one where ABCD could focus some funds and time in the future. The teachers were very welcoming and gathered the children for photographs.

I learned that, sadly, Oskar’s mom had died a few months ago and he is now in the care of his grandma.

A new ABCD addition, Kelvin (Gr. 6), was added on the recommendation of the headmaster who had sent a letter about him to us in Canada. Kelvin’s high marks last year compelled the Headmaster to ask for help for him as there are 7 children in the family with no father. The drawing which he made for me shows his brightness … now he needs a supporter.

Isaac and Bariki

Isaac and Bariki

Little Teresia, in grade 1, wasn’t coming to school until the afternoon, so her brother Isaac led me to their home for a visit. On entering the small homestead I was very shaken to see the family’s living conditions. Mom was away for the day gathering grass for the cow but I met the dad Constantine, and the other children, Belinda (Gr. 2) and  baby Bariki. Bariki was clearly quite ill and Isaac was very caring towards him. I promised Constantine that next year ABCD would also support Belinda. Hopefully, more food will be available for the family now that ABCD is paying the school fees for Isaac and Teresia.

This morning reinforced for me once again why we are here and how much good work can be done with continued help from home.