Update on Volunteer Trip 2013

It’s so exciting! We have 22 volunteers going to Tanzania with Lynn and I this year! Half are from Australia and half from Canada. This team is comprised of individuals with a varied set of skills, talents and knowledge that will be of great value towards our work in the schools with the children.  They are all going to be working together on various projects while we are there during the month of February. These projects include:

  • hosting a 3 day business conference for up to 50 ABCD secondary school students so that they can be better prepared for job/career hunting or self employment
  • painting and setting up with furniture and books, 3 additional primary school libraries
  • painting school classrooms under the new ABCD roof over Makomu Primary School
  • delivering a daily After School Program of unique and fun activities to ABCD children
  • continuing the development of the solar light social enterprise
  • assisting teachers in science classes, sewing classes, English classes, and other classes
  • assisting in the local medical dispensary for 2 nurses on the team

The volunteers will also get the opportunity to visit local sites of interest such as waterfalls, chagga tribal museum and local markets. The evenings will be full of much conversation with local leaders from the municipal level of government, education, and our local advisory board members. Those volunteers who are supporting specific children will be able to meet them and their families at the homes. Participation in Art Day is also a big highlight for the volunteers. Most of the volunteers have also planned a safari following their volunteer commitment.

Look for blog posts from Africa in the future!