ABCD Library at Makomu Primary School!

During the volunteer visit, the team went up about a half hour climb from our hotel to do some painting in a primary school called Makomu PS. It’s a very poor school which needs lots of help. Our local Advisory Board Members recommended that it be the location for our first school library. The team of painters did a great job transforming the small room, which used to be used for storing firewood for the cookhouse, into a bright, cleaner room for books and children. The school children cleaned it out and the school got some cement repair work done on the walls and floors. Our team went to work with cream and blue paint. Glass has been purchased and delivered for the broken windows. After the team left we contracted a local carpenter to build a big table and bookshelf.  Delivery was scheduled for our last weekend in a borrowed pick up truck up the incredibly rough road to the school. The furniture was installed, and our load of donated books from Canada in addition to primary text books purchased by ABCD, were put on the shelves. We very happy with the result and wish we could have seen the children’s faces when they saw their new library on Monday morning.