ABCD 2012 Volunteer Trip To Tanzania

Very exciting news to report! Our vision of bringing a group of volunteers with us to Tanzania has become a reality.

At present there are a total of 11 volunteers who are all paid up and will be traveling to Tanzania on January 23d 2012 and spending two weeks there doing volunteer work for the schools, the children and the community. This work will range from painting classroom walls, to repairing sewing machines to delivering a variety of after school enrichment programs to our children. There will also be free time for the group to explore some of the cultural interests in this area of the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. Some of the volunteers are also planning a safari experience to follow their volunteer work.

In a venture such as this there are still a million details to work out but…the tickets are purchased and the excitement is already mounting.

Please contact us if you  if you would like to be placed onto the contact list for 2013.