Unionville High School students fundraise for ABCD!

I was very happy to be invited recently to meet  28 amazing students at Unionville High School in a course called Becoming Fully Human. I learned that this is an interdisciplinary program which involves the study of philosophy and psychology and other subject areas. It was clear that these students have been pondering some weighty issues revolving around the meaning of life and the goal of living a full and meaningful life. It was also clear that they felt real compassion and caring for the ABCD children which they saw and heard about in my presentation.

Using their own initiative and creativity the class organized fundraising activities at their school’s annual Mayfair celebration. Hundreds of dollars were raised to help our ABCD children and I was touched to be presented with a donation cheque.

These students are about to start a new chapter in their lives at college and university and for my part I hope that they will all become ambassadors for ABCD at whatever post-secondary challenge they embrace.

The Becoming Fully Human Class