Thanks to the ABCDream Girls

Here’s a photo of the team of girls at Castlebridge Public School who took responsibility and showed such leadership in fundraising for ABCD during 2011. They love to be called the ABCDream Girls, and since they are in Grade 5 and moving on to Grade 6 at Thomas Street, they are already planning to be fundraising ambassadors in their next school!

It’s so wonderful to see such compassion and caring in our youngsters today. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to them.

The Castlebridge P.S. ABCDream Girls

3 thoughts on “Thanks to the ABCDream Girls

  1. hi i am one of the abcdream girls and i would like to point out that we are going to a different school but we are not in grade 8. we just finished grade 5 and going into grade six at thomas street. castlebridge is a elementery school

    • Hello, awesome gal! Thanks for the correction, I’ve made the appropriate edits in the post. Good luck in your new school!

  2. Thanks Lindsay for catching my mistake! It’s fixed. And thanks for the amazing work you and your friends have done for ABCD. Have a great summer.

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