Castlebridge Public School Spring Concert

by Joe Crone

concert at Castlebridge P.S.

The students of Castlebridge P. S., in Mississauga, Ontario, sang their hearts out for ABCD and its children in Tanzania. I worked with students from gr. 3 – 5 for 4 days to create dramas and dances based on my songs. The music teacher at the school did a fabulous job of teaching the students my songs, and the rest of the staff did a wonderful job of organizing the workshops and final concert. All I had to do was to play my music with the children, teach them, and help them understand the important role they can play in the world. The concert, titled “We Can Move the World”, was a wonderful display of the children’s talent. It also clearly demonstrated the understanding and love for others that the students at Castlebridge have. Because of their efforts, the kids helped raise over $500 for ABCD in CD sales. Way to go kids!

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  1. Hey joe It me logan from castlebrige p.s.I t was the best. Hope you are well!Logan in mis arndts class.

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