What an event at Mount Albert Public School!

A couple of months ago while walking my dog Zoe, a chance meeting in the school parking lot between myself and Elissa Tripp, sister of a former student of mine, and now music teacher at Mount Albert Public School in Mount Albert, Ontario has led to wonderful things!

I was invited to do a presentation about ABCD to her Grade 7 class, and then Elissa motivated and coordinated her Grade 7 class into presenting an African gala on Jan. 12th to the Mount Albert community. The gala consisted of a folk tale, a comical skit about that chance meeting, a slide show, monologues by students enacting the roles of ABCD children, an African video, a drum circle, a dance presentation and tableaux illustrating the learning experience which the students went through. On the walls were posters about Africa and Tanzania which the students created in their research. The MC’s, stage crew, refreshment team,  lighting team, sound and technology crews and program team did an expert job. At the end of the performance, a cheque for more than $1100 was presented to me which was the result of hard and devoted fundraising by the students in the community and school!

I was hard pressed to find and express, through the emotion,  the right words to thank the community, students and Mrs. Ttripp for all their efforts in the support of the children of ABCD. Thank you once more.