The Solar Light Project part one

Our Director Terry sent over with us some components of disassembled outdoor solar lighting for us to try a pilot project. 6 of our senior students came forward to assemble the parts into possible reading lights for our children. Terry did a great job with the illustrated instructions and  sent all the tools required but we did have to purchase soldering irons and scrounge around for some scraps of wood to mount the assembly on. This is the beginning of the project…when the students mounted the rechargeable batteries on the wood and got the wiring ready….stay tuned for the next step.

2 thoughts on “The Solar Light Project part one

  1. I am so happy that 6 people are interested in building solar reading lights. I think the 4 Canadian students from Banting Memorial Secondary School (Mark, Colin, Andrew, and Franz) who disassembled the discarded solar garden lights will also be happy to see these pictures.

  2. This is great! We love it! Thanks for keeping us informed. I am collecting parts for you. Right now I have enough for 10.

    God bless you,
    Franz and Martha

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