Power Out… But the Work Continues

This blog entry comes to you by way of a cell phone text to our webmaster back home.

Kilema, our area in Tanzania, is experiencing rotating power outages, and it seems the rotation is more “off” than “on”. Rather than spending time at their computers playing “power roulette”, Frank and Lynn have elected to press on with their many different chores in the field: visiting the kids, families, and schools, delivering donations, arranging for supplies, and the all-important task of preparing for Art Day, our end-of-visit festival of food, dance, art, awards, and laughter for all our kids and families.

Meanwhile the photos are piling up, so once the power situation is resolved be prepared for a lot of information!

Feel free to comment this post to supply some encouraging words here for Frank, Lynn and the kids once they’re back online! Meanwhile thanks for your patience.

One thought on “Power Out… But the Work Continues

  1. Hi Frank,

    I hope you’re enjoying yourself out there even if there have been some power outages… Here, it’s been very cold, and snowy. I have a new yoga student on Wed. named Susan and she says that you’re “her Frank” because her child takes art classes with you. See how popular you are? By the way, thanks for the tip about tightening some screws on my furnace: the noise is much improved! Have a great time, and talk to you later!

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