Hujambo! Power is back…for now.


Thanks for your patience while we waited for a window of opportunity to post some news. The hotel we use for blogging is 1.5 km downhill from our hotel so when the power goes out everywhere in the region we’re all hit and it can be frustrating. We’ll try to bring you up to speed on our progress now so here goes…

As I work here on this computer there seems to be no problem with text, but the issue is uploading photos and we have a lot!. I’ll continue to try to add photos when I can.

Arriving in Moshi at about midnight, after the two long flights and a restful night of sleep, we got straight to work the next morning shopping for school supplies, soap, skin cream, trunks, mattresses, padlocks,  pillows, sheets, toothpaste, and we  also lined up in banks with the other parents to pay for secondary school fees. Our volunteer man on the ground, Sebastian Fabian Masaro, who lives in the children’s community, has been invaluable in translating for us and guiding us around town. Moshi is a hot, bustling town full of noise, life and energy. The shopkeepers are friendly and helpful, and of course happy to receive our business. It’s good to know we are also contributing the local economy as we spend for the children.

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