At the schools!

Finally found a secure internet location in the town of Moshi to get some blogging done. We’ve been very busy visiting the children’s schools for updates on their progress and, for secondary schools, to sign contracts for another year. For the primary schools we hand over the TZ shillings in cash to the Headteachers for the school lunch and other expenses which the school may be charging the parents for school improvement.

At one school, Lombeta Secondary School, we have 11 children, 3 of whom are boarding. We have added a new school to the list, Marangu Secondary School, where Tumaini, who achieved the required marks, will attend Form 1. It seems to be a very well cared for school with 900 students. Tumaini is boarding there. Boarding students require a mattress, trunk, locks, sheets, blankets etc. which you see us buying on the previous post. It is great to see the students in their uniforms in school and sometimes we get a song to welcome us.