Think Big, Think Elephant Thoughts!

A most incredibly wonderful day! Frank, Terry, and I drove to Collingwood to meet with Jeremy Rhodes, Executive Director of Elephant Thoughts. Elephant Thoughts is a teacher based registered Canadian charity set up to support the educational needs of children worldwide. To date they have programs on the go in First Nations and Inuit Communities, and in Nicaragua, Tanzania, Nepal, and India.

One of the most unique aspects of Elephant Thoughts is their demonstrated commitment to helping large and small NGOs that share their vision (like us!). We learned about their summer science camps, in school curriculum based science workshops and teacher professional development and support programs they offer to First Nations. Locally, Elephant Thoughts operates a Schools 4 Schools program which engages children in making connections in the developing world by providing them with opportunities to support projects in third world countries from a catalogue of school needs.

It was fun to browse through their Out of the World Science Store, checking out their unique science kits for kids and coming face to face with some exotic critters that make their temporary home there.  Follow our blog to learn about how Elephant Thoughts and ABCD will be working in partnership in the future to advance our shared vision.