Breakfast Program

We are thrilled to announce that after months of back and forth communications with Africa following our visit to Kisuluni Primary School in January 2010, that ABCD has begun to fund a breakfast program at this school. Some of our ABCD children are attending this school and we learned from the Headmaster, Mr. Lyaruu, that many of the children come to class with no breakfast which of course impedes their learning. After reviewing the cost, we have transferred enough of the non-dedicated funds to the school’s bank account to cover a breakfast program for the last quarter of the school year (Sept.-Dec.). More than 200 primary school children will now be receiving a good breakfast of millet porridge before they start school! Here are Mr. Lyaruu’s words about this initiative:

“My thoughts on the beginning of the program

  1. The pupils will enjoy themselves very much
  2. The pupils will appreciate the program and also their parents since it is new to our school
  3. Truant pupils will admire the program so there will be no more truancy
  4. Teachers will also be activated by this program since the pupils will be more dynamic and be able to acquire knowledge given
  5. The parents, Guardians and the whole community of Kilema will also be extremely impressed”

We will assess the implementation and success of the program when we return in January 2011.