Lombeta and Ifati SS

January 26 — Some hiking and a daladala ride took us quite a distance to these two schools. They are in a very serene part of the Kilimanjaro foothills…not quite so hilly. We now have 9 children at Lombeta SS because many have finished successfully at their primary schools. The Headmaster, Mr. Tilya, was very welcoming and seems to have a lot of wonderful plans for his school. The grounds certainly looked better than last year and he said he had his students digging and planting gardens. The reputation of Lombeta SS has improved in terms of student success also according to the published rankings of schools in Tanzania. So, contracts were signed for these 9 students. We managed to get photos of Richardi and Josphat at school and the others can start asap now that their fees are paid.

From there we hiked a further few kilometres to Ifati SS where Selena and her brother Augusti are studying. After reviewing their grades, and discussing their dreams with them, it seems realistic if they both do well this year that they can apply for enrollment at a Primary Teacher Training College. We ate a picnic lunch on the grounds with leftover breakfast food and then made our way back home.

We also managed to stop in Marangu to give the tailor fundi another deposit to continue knitting the sweaters for the children. Then back to the Sekao.

After showering and refreshing ourselves, Lynn got to work on updating the financial records of our expenditures and receipts ( a huge job), while Robyn and I started preparing the Art Day kits for the children for when they come to Art Day on Saturday. I hope to get them to do some painting this time in addition to drawing. They will also pick up their school supplies on that day.

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  1. Hi guys! WOW, sounds like you and the kids at both of these schools had a very fulfilling day! I can only imagine the anticipation that is brewing for this Saturday! May the paintings and dreams flow freely….

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