Fundi Day

January 24 — Today we arranged for two ‘fundi’s (tailor)to come to the hotel to measure the children for uniforms. One measured for shirts and skirts, one measured for pants and shirts. We are hiring another fundi who is going to knit the sweaters on her knitting machine. Great to know that the fundi doing the skirts and shirts for the girls has our Scola as her assistant! It costs around $22 USD for a full uniform of pants/skirt, shirt, knitted sweater.

We had told the families on our home visits to come for measuring and most did…all dressed up in their Sunday go-to-church clothes! Some of the parents came too and it was fun to see so many of the children together at the same time. We took the opportunity, while they were waiting their time for measuring, to have them make some art, and do some singing. It was great finding out the young ones know most of the words to “head and shoulders, knees and toes!” After everyone was gone, an old mom limped into the driveway with her young, 15 year old daughter Epifania. This girl had successfully finished Primary School with high enough marks to get into a good school but the mom has no money for the fees. So….we added Epifania to the program. Losing count, but I think we are up to almost 10 new additions to ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams.

2 thoughts on “Fundi Day

  1. I'm not surprised!! There is such a need for further educational infrastructure and opportunities….but I'm preaching to the choir, I know. I wish I could do more….or at least win the lottery! No wait, that wouldn't work because I don't gamble….I digress….

    What a wonderful day for the children and some of their parents to be a part of! Robyn, I am grateful to you for capturing all of the beautiful colors and interactions through your photography. Thank you.

    Thinking of all of you……

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment Sarah! There are thousands of pictures for you still to see. This experience has been wonderful!

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