Art Day!

January 30 — Yesterday was a stay-home day to plan and prepare for Art Day. This morning we got up early to hang up signs on the lawn and set out 47 bags of school supplies, gifts, and art kits alphabetically. The cook and his assistant mamas were preparing the food which included rice, vegetables, potatoes and a goat, who had arrived in a taxi the night before on a leash. Needless to say the meat was fresh as the goat met his end this morning as we were setting up!

Children started to arrive at 9:30! although the scheduled start time was 1 pm. By 1 pm we had nearly all of our children there with many family members and soon we had full attendance of all our children and about 50 or 60 family members. The program started late due to the goat…cooking….so we decided to have the children make some art…why not?

Then the food was ready, everybody enjoyed it and after that we had an awards ceremony for the primary and secondary student who had done very well at school last year. They were so proud to come up and receive their dictionary or calculator and receive the applause of the crowd. This is definitely an event we will hold every year.