Arrival in Tanzania – 2010!

After a long flight, made longer by an unexpected 4 hour stopover in Nairobi due to a leak in the washroom water system on the plane, we arrived at Kilimanjaro Airport at 1 am in the morning! Then braved the line up for visas and customs. Joseph was there waiting and gave us a warm Karibu (welcome). We piled our luggage into the van and were driven into Moshi where we were happy to fall into bed very tired at the Leopard Hotel. The place was in darkness as the lights weren’t working so we negotiated our way up to the second floor using flashlights!

Next morning we headed out after breakfast, and after a planning meeting with Joseph, to the shops to purchase school supplies, soap, skin cream, shoe polish, socks for the children. We also visited a bank, and the Immigration Office, and Western Union to learn more about the transfer of funds from Canada to Tanzania. Now we have a plan to enter into talks with local officials and interested parties in the local school system, to set up an ABCD Tanzania organization to which we can link our goals for the aid for the children, and facilitate the efficient and prudent dispensation of funding.