The Australia Connection

Ken Wall, Rotarian from Melbourne, Australia whom we met last year at Mindcamp, has made ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams (Oz) a reality!

Ken uses our organization here in Canada as a model, and with the support of his Rotary club, is raising funds for 13 children in need of help on the island of Fiji. The children there are making art, and it is being used for fundraising to assist them and their school.

Ken is also a very imaginative children’s storyteller. He has begun writing down the stories he used to tell his children about the adventures of  Thribletts. Thribletts are tiny woolly characters who live in the balls of wool sticking to your wool sweaters! Each of these characters has a different personality and they get up to all kinds of fun and misadventures.

Ken has printed the first of these stories and called it Thribletts in the Wash. It’s illustrated by our friend, Jim Ridge, a wonderful artist and another loyal ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams supporter here in Canada. Ken is selling this first storybook to raise funds in Australia, and he has kindly donated 100 copies, signed by both him and Jim for us to sell here! Thanks so much Ken and Jim.

Just email us if you would like to receive an autographed copy, for only $10, of this wonderful children’s storybook.