Varley Art Gallery

My friend and fellow artist Deborah Colvin has an art exhibition on display right now at the Varley Art Gallery of Markham.

Deb kindly offered me the opportunity to speak about ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams to guests who came to her artist’s talk and workshop on March 1, and she very generously donated her artist’s fee to our cause.

Deb’s show is called The Possibility Suite and explores the concept of making a choice from a creative visual standpoint. From a wider viewpoint it speaks about possibilities and choices we all have in our lives.

Both Deb and I saw the connection of her exhibition’s focus as a good one with ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams because through our work using education and art, we are hoping to widen the possibilities and choices for our children in Tanzania. Thanks so much to Deb and the Varley Art Gallery for this opportunity.