Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School

This post is a bit late as we are waiting for some press coverage of the ceremonial thank you from ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams to some students at Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School in Markham. We can’t wait though, we’re thrilled to announce on our blog another very successful school fundraising campaign which finished just before we left for Africa.

Frank made classroom presentations at PET High School and this resulted in a fundraising campaign led by 4 senior students: Shirley Hang, Sylvia Yang, Kassandra Lau and Sarah Vuu. As part of their Global Outreach Program in their Geography course, these 4 girls did home room visits for pocket change donations and whole school PA announcements, set up an information table in the school foyer and collected over $1300 in donations!

This team of students was incredibly organized and passionate about the cause. They did an amazing job and we have to thank them publicly on our blog. THANKS GIRLS!