Middlefield Collegiate Institute

As result of a presentation which was given by Frank to some classes at Middlefield Collegiate Institute a short while back, today, Lynn and Frank met with two students and their teacher, at Middlefield Collegiate Institute in Markham, Ontario to accept some funds that the students raised for our children!

The students names are Fatema, Muyly and Arvin (who couldn’t make it today). By using school announcements, handouts and by visiting classrooms, these three grade nine students were able to raise awareness of poverty in this part of Tanzania, and, enough money ($180) to support three children, David, Delivina and Yasinta, for one year of primary school!

The posters of these children will hang in the school and the three students indicated interest in continuing to fundraise for our cause.

It is so rewarding to meet these young adults who are sincerely engaged in social action and in making a difference in the lives of less fortunate young people. The three students were given Certificates of Appreciation as a token of our gratitude for their work.

It should be mentioned that this is the second group of students at MCI who have worked fundraising for ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams. In the near future we will be returning to give another presentation to more students at Middlefield C.I.