Visiting Children at their Schools in Kilema

Joseph introduced us to John de Ronde, a VSO (Volunteer Services Overseas) volunteer teaching at the Teacher Training college at Marangu. He generously shared his experiences with Tanzanian culture over his past 3 year assignment that will be of tremendous help in our decision making regarding the best process to ensure that our children receive the school support they need.

We then went with Joseph to meet the teachers of each of the children’s schools in the Kilema region. At these 4 schools: Kilema PS, Kisuluni PS, Kisuluni SS, Kichilioni PS, the teachers shared with us their understanding of the immediate needs of each student; Abeli, Airini, Anna, Emanueli, Christina, Nobati, Yasinta and Richardi. It was wonderful to see the children again after a year and to reconnect with them at their schools!

These children often arrive at school hungry from having no breakfast and in rainy season arrive at school wet with no change of clothing. Special concern was felt for Airini who has not attended school this week as she is home sick with malaria.

Today is the end of the first week of the school year and school support payments are now due. We have planned to go shopping with Joseph in Moshi to buy: uniforms, shoes and socks, exercise books, laundry soap, vaseline for skin, shoe polish and perhaps some umbrellas. The possibility of purchasing 100 kilo bags of maize for the Mbuya family and others is being explored.